Swimsuit beauties in bubbles.

Page One

A knock on the laboratory door!

Page Two

A pretty visitor to the laboratory.

Page Three

"Of course, I mean your cute girlfriend no harm."

Page Four

Atomic energy: is there anything it cannot do?

Page Five

Technology is dangerous!

Page Six

In the 1950s research rules about human subjects were rather loose.

Page Seven

You can't actually see any nudity, can you?

Page Eight

Bad Rocky! Down, boy!

Page Nine

There will, of course, be tube girls.

Page Ten

 Nothing creepy at all about this experiment.

Page Eleven

This must be a pretty amazing experience for Rocky.

Page Twelve

Yes, we shall definitely want a movie of this!

Page Thirteen

he bubbles are nice and are going to get nicer.

Page Fourteen

"It's wonderful...making me shake and shiver."

Page Fifteen

Things seem to be building to to some sort of climax.

Page Sixteen

Looks like things got out of hand here.

Page Seventeen

Poor Becky!

Page Eighteen

 A bursting bubble holds one last wistful trace of Becky Brindle.

Page Nineteen

It isn't called mad science for no reason.

Page Twenty

Your tax dollars at work!

Page Twenty-One

Now you want to talk about ethics?

Page Twenty-Two

Consent makes it okay!

Page Twenty-Three

As Bela Lugosi once observed, American women are in general very unsatisfied.



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The writer of this webcomic, Iago Faustus, is a failed academic who wishes he had never been born. Faustus writes comics, unproducible screenplays, and other things as a means of coping with the disagreeable fact that he is alive. He is the creator and editor of the mad-science webcomic Tales of Gnosis College which he publishes at his website EroticMadScience.com. He maintains two scrapbook blogs, both suitable only for adults, one called Hedonix and another, darker one called Infernal Wonders. Faustus also occasionally generates short essays and rants for his pessimistic philosophy blog Pyrosophy. You can follow Faustus on Twitter at @EroticMadSci and contact him via this page.

The illustrator of this webcomic, Erosarts, is a professional freelance American artist with extensive experience illustrating adult, fantasy, and science fiction comics. He is the illustrator of the Tales of Gnosis College, the creator of They Want Our Women, a frequent contributor to Danger Dolls and Tales of the Stripped, and the creator and editor of imMATURE Comics. He maintains a Deviant art site here.

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